I'm regularly asked about what cameras I use for the images on my websites and in galleries. Here are a few photographs of the camera's I use. I don't have one specific camera, it depends on the image I want to make. 

The cameras vary in age, from extremely old to a few slightly newer. I don't buy any cameras from new, they are all purchased second hand or swapped and traded. Worn in you could say. I prefer something that feels good and tactile to handle, it has to have the right feel to operate. It doesn't really matter what it looks like or the condition.  

Most of the images on this website have been shot with Leica cameras, film and digital along with the lenses. Again, these vary considerably in age, they are pretty battered and not that easy to pick up you have to get used to them, everything on them is manual, a little bit of an acquired taste you could say. I prefer these cameras, mainly because they don't have all the whistles and bells of newer kit, things like touchscreen and endless menus.   

On the digital Leica I use, you decide the ISO setting required, there is a shutter dial on the top, exactly like the film Leica's and that's it. You choose the aperture on the lens barrel and all the focussing is manual, perfect. Nice and straightforward, I've always used manual gear and lenses, which I appreciate are a bit old school but to me they couldn't simpler or faster to use. 


When I am out on my own I still shoot a fair bit of film, again with various cameras I have collected over the years. I have a Wista 8 x 10 which is great old view camera. A superb Ebony 5x4, which is a stunning, hand built piece of engineering. Schneider lenses and either Fuji Film in Colour or Fomopan and Ilford in Black and White. 

I mostly process and develop my own film in traditional chemicals. I then print them by either using an enlarger with silver gelatine paper or contact prints directly from the 8x 10 negatives. I also have a digital route with an Epson scanner which will scan my rolls of 35mm or 120, right up to my 8 x 10 negatives.